Two of them are more than half of Madrid

It’s time to pay tribute to the performance of a couple in Madrid, two guys who are only four years older together than Modric. Bellingham (20) And Rodrigo (22) supports the team with their performances and goals. Together they scored more than half 47 goals scored by the team this season (16 and 9). But, more than that, adding four assists for Bellingham and the five given by Rodrigo, the two shared 34 goals (72% of 47 were achieved in total).

Two of them are more than half of Madrid

Statistics do not deceive. The data are objective and speak clearly about the great success achieved by Madrid’s English integration, but also about how Rodrigo has grown to become one of the top ten players in world football. It’s nice to see the Brazilian moving around the court with the ball stuck to his feet, very Electric, very vertical, very accurate. Her outburst last month was simply amazing. Seven goals in the last nine games. Then there is the subjective issue. The left Band suits him infinitely better than the right. He showed it in Cadiz, with these two moves Maradona and after that he put two finishes in the team. And also against Betis, where he completed 10 successful dribbles, to date, Vinicius scored in Madrid.

For Rodrigo, it is difficult to have’ Vinny ‘ in front of him for this aspect. But there is no one to cough up a former Flamengo player when he is at his best. It seems that it is up to Rodrigo, whatever he does until February when Vinny returns, to adapt and continue looking for a life in other demarcations… And pray that Mbappe’s not ending up coming.

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