Two pillars of Kiki’s reconstruction

The change in the seat of Seville did not mean the full Christmas joy of Seville. Those from Nervi Ermen fell on their visit to the capital where the sensations were better but the result, those of the costumerE. In any case, improving the image of last season when Sampaoli’s squad deceived itself by fitting into a group was also not very complicated.

Now the Madrid coach has to make a reconstruction, due to economic constraints, it must be based on two pillars and neither of them, a priori, the arrival of reinforcements. The first is the mental recovery of the players. Kiki insisted that his players need to rest because of the mental stress they suffered in the months when Diego Alonso was in charge Which they could not beat any professional team.

The other point lies in the healing of the injured, although Those who miss the most and can help the most , as well as the cases of Jess Ermes Navas and lukibakiw, will be far from ready when the competition resumes At the beginning of 2024. But Kiki needs to look at the bench to look for solutions and find something more than the kids from the affiliate or the players who know that they almost do not count since their arrival. The most obvious case, and his minutes against Atletico justify it, is that of Januzaj.

However, Seville celebrates Christmas outside the landing. A little consolation for the club of Nervi Ermen aspirations but a great relief as things were.

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