Using a dating app to meet up with them and get to know them

TikTok user @ wasabishi reveals one of the dirtiest strategies we’ve ever come across Restaurant L Getting female clients. The owner of the premises always follows a very organized way of working: to create Fake profile with fake photos In one The dating app, Managed by a bot, meets with girls at its creation and then Leaving them standing Without a single explanation.

Girls, when they find themselves alone, sitting at the table, usually stay for dinner. Specifically, 9 out of 10. It is a tactic that he has used on multiple occasions, hopefully his days will be numbered after appearing on social networks and in Arrowzer@s. “Play with your illusion!”, Angie C. ocherdinas is outraged. “With your money,” adds Alfonso archims.

“Besides, in the face of disappointment, how do we spend money, how do we drown our sorrows? Well, with Food and drink“, Thinks Hans R. But beware , as the collaborator’s mother warns,”Sorrows can swim“.

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