Valladolid-Racing de Ferrol live: LaLiga hypermotion today, live

– The last defeat: It doesn’t give me any doubt. If you look, the picture and the structure, at times, maybe it was not good, but in numbers it was a good game. We had great scoring chances, after going after them from Minute 0. We paid dearly for transfers, they looked for them and caused instability for us, because we lost balls without pressure, sometimes, but the team went looking for them and we had chances to score constantly. In the first half we lacked depth and stepped on the zone more and only Salazar arrived, we didn’t have the second line or the opposite end stepping on it; in the second we went much deeper, but we didn’t take advantage of the opportunities. If we had scored the goals, it would have been a match, inside everything, good, but it did not come true. What generates this is to activate ourselves and strive for the result that we have to conclude well in the first half and continue to improve the things that have happened to us and that cannot happen again.

– Merit ; : Whoever is the best is going to play for me here. If the contract expires tomorrow and the player is the best to win this match, he will play. If he has to renew, he should not play during the renewal, here in this club there is no. I’m here to take care of the foundation. Here we will be able to win, lose or draw; we don’t know the results, but something will turn out, that is, the institution, the team, teammates will be respected, and when something, in my opinion, is not good, the player does not participate or does not travel. It has nothing to do with him if I play the game well or if he plays badly, they are things I look for in the organization and in the team. It’s growth for him and for all colleagues. I want him to focus more on what he has to do on a daily basis. When there is something that the institution does not serve, I will confirm it. While I’m here, the armor will be taken care of 100%, this armor which is about to return.

– The distance between the midfielders: We talked about it, especially with gorik. He gives us defensive balance when he is in a good position, but he has everything else, he wants to give you more and puts the team on his shoulder and wants to attack. Then, they begin to separate and begin to give instability to the midfield, because of the momentum he has, because of the desire and hunger to win.

– Moncho: He undoubtedly suffers from the continuity of matches. He is a player who, in my opinion, reads what you need inside the court; he is very smart and gives you comfort when you need it, takes it out of the sector when you need it, fixes players without passing the ball through him and creates other free teammates, he is a flyer that steps on the zone and has a goal… He is a very complete player who suffers from having a lot of minutes, but we will have a break, where we will be able to adjust him.

– Competitor: We will play against a very strong, very intense and very dynamic team, which is constantly pressing. He changes the marks on the back line, stays short, makes you make mistakes because of that intensity with which he presses… He works very well and very intense, with very deep endings, and manages for you the whole game. We have to be smart and know how to play. We are at home and we are a Real Valladolid: we have to go for the three points, too, to close this first semester. If we achieve a victory, then the first semester will be excellent for all the changes that have taken place, for the new things that have been done and for getting the result so quickly, and this is not easy. If it is not achieved, it will be a good semester that we will have to improve the next one, after the Little week of vacation that we will be able to have.

Paolo pezzolano, Coach of Valladolid

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