Vettel’s blessing to Mick Schumacher and his predictions about Formula 1: “I hope…”

Mick Schumacher Seek advice for Sebastian Vettel Before signing for alpine for Wick racing. The two maintain a very good relationship. And the former Formula 1 champion with Red Bull is convinced that young Mick will have a chance to compete again.

Speaking to ‘ RTL ‘, Seb celebrates the decision made by the legendary son Michael Schumacher“I think it’s great that Mick can continue his career, get back behind the wheel of a race car and compete again .”

“This is the most important thing at his age, He will also have the opportunity to continue in Formula 1, To stay connected with the Championship and continue to gain experience and knowledge,” says the former champion with Red Bull.

“I wish him the best in the future and I hope he races in Formula 1 again.”Says Seb.

Mick’s words

“I spoke briefly with Sebastian about this. One of the factors was that he knew a lot about motorsport, but it was very obvious for me to go and Ask him for his opinion“, Schumacher said when he changed Mercedes for the Alps to bet on Wick.

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