“We are in a luxurious situation”

Red Bull is already looking beyond 2024. Just look who Max Verstappen’s teammate will be. With the Dutchman holding a position in the brand until he wants, the other pilot who represents energy drinks will have It’s to earn it on the road…

Yes, the favorite is Sergio Perez. At least this is self-evident after the words of Christian Horner, his boss, but he also warned the Mexican that it is completely up to him whether this is the case or not.

This is what he said in the words collected in “motorsport”: “we support him, and if he does a great job next year, there is no reason not to renew it until 2025.”

“But it will all be based only on The results he gets“, Horner explains in his statements.

Because they will take it easy: “we are in a luxurious situation. We have a lot of options.”

And this is extremely true , because apart from Chico they have in the bedroom, in alfatore, a full-fledged pilot as experienced as he is Daniel Ricciardo. In addition, Yuki Tsunoda.

From behind, pregnant women, Liam Lawson, Who played in his few Formula 1 races in 2023 surprised with his level and good work with the Faenza team.

At the moment, B. ochrez has achieved second place in the world championship, but it cost him more than expected to see how far Verstappen excelled with the RB-19.

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