What do Soraya ismens de santamar Irma, Ancelotti and Pablo El ermbez have in common? “The funniest table” for Alejandro Sanz’s party

55 years old One of our most brilliant World stars is to celebrate his birthday where only someone of his stature can: with a themed party at the Barcelona youth theater in Madrid, which even the presenter did not miss. Alejandro Sanz He organized an event where personalities from the world of culture, music and politics gathered , with such disparate guests as Ancelotti, Soraya sfeminez de santamar Irma, Ana Guerra , Eugenia Martinez de Irujo or Pablo El ermbez.

His ex-partner was not missing either., Raquel Pereira, And their children, who also came in fashion for the party set out in the twenties. Returning to the present, the singer asked for 2024 “a lot of peace and a lot of Health.”I am, like I am miss,” she joked, as we see in this Video From Arouser@s.

“I will never be able to be a celebrity because with these sunglasses I tell you that I can’t even get to the taxi,”says Alfonso arvers after seeing the artist’s appearance. Tatyana arvers still admires the guest list. “He was not aware of his friendship with Ancelotti“. The presenter notes that everyone present has nothing to do with each other or has nothing to do with each other, “but this table is probably the most fun, you know.”

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