Why April Fool’s day is celebrated in Spain and other countries

The celebration takes place every year April Fool’s day, A holiday that is observed in different parts of the world, but with noticeable differences. It should be noted that while it is celebrated in most of Europe and the USA on April 1, in Spain and some other Spanish-speaking countries, April Fool’s day is December 28th, In the middle of the Christmas holidays.

In English it is April Fool’s day, In French and Italian, this day is called Boisson Avril (French) and Bessie dabrell (Italian), which can be translated by fish or April fish.

Where does April Fool’s day come from?

There are many theories about the reason for this celebration, but the most widespread is that the origin of April Fool’s Day falls on The biblical event Known as the massacre of the innocents. In this episode, The King Herod, Fearing the prophecy that announced the birth of the “king of the Jews”, Jesus of Nazareth, Ordered the execution of all children under the age of two In Bethlehem. Over time, this tragic event developed, turning into a day dedicated to jokes and fun. Even the media usually publish some joke news ‘playing’ with its audience.

In the Roman rite of the Catholic Church, the celebration has the degree of a feast. The celebration was held by the Latin Church between the end of the IV century and the end of the V century. The goal was to frame the commemoration of the Holy Innocents inside “The octave of Christmas”, The eight-day period in which the birth of Jesus is celebrated.

On the other hand, historians have associated April Fool’s day with spring celebrations such as the feast of the innocents in the Middle Ages, where the Lord of misrule was appointed to simulate Christian rituals. It is also associated with Hilaria, which was celebrated in ancient Rome at the end of March in honor of the goddess Cybele and her followers Atis.

What is clear is that the first concrete reference to April Fool’s day is found in a 1561 Flemish comic poem written by Edward de Denny. In this poem, a nobleman sends his servant on useless and troublesome errands, which are known as the “fool’s errand”. This document is an early proof of the tradition of performing jokes on this date.

April Fool’s Day jokes

In Europe, the celebration of April Fool’s day varies from country to country. In the UK, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, Jokes are made only before noon. It is typical for France Paste a paper fish on the back From someone, for example.

April Fool’s Day pranks range from simple antics to more elaborate schemes. Among the most common are putting a doll on someone’s back, Stick a coin on the floor Or Putting the clocks forward.

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