Why is Luis Suarez called the “gunman”? Origin and meaning of the surname

Luis soverrez was born on January 24, 1987 in Salto, Uruguay. He began his professional career in 2005 with the national team of his native country, but stayed for only one year and then emigrated to European football.

The attacker defended the colors of: Groningen And Ajax In the Dutch league From Netherlands; Liverpool From England; Barcelona And Atletico de Madrid From Spain; Patriotism From Uruguay And the The guild From Brazil. To continue now His career is in the American League along with his great friend Lionel Messi at Inter Miami.

Origin and meaning of the surname

The nickname ‘Pistolero’ arose because of the peculiar way he celebrated with his remarks, the one that became very popular was where he mimicked both hands in the air and described it from the first time he held the celebration.

And so it was that the European battering ram began to be known as the ‘Gunslinger’, In addition to the huge number of occasions when he managed to break the net with his big nose, which is characteristic of him.

The day begins A new chapter in the history of the deadly duo Lionel Messi-Luis Suarez, football fans of the world will look at the 2024 American League season.

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