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A poor nobleman He seriously injured his right knee on February 24 in Martinez Valero de Elche and He had the first minutes of the season on November 4 against Mallorca at a Benito Villamar arena that broke down with cheers for the world champion. Eight and a half months in which Isco reached the white-green discipline, causing fans to water their mouths thinking about the exciting combination of malaguey ERMO and leonez.

But as 2024 approaches the start, the mix is still waiting. Because Fakir’s injury is one of those that can completely change a football player’s career. The poor man already knew about it, since In 2015 he suffered the same torn ligaments, although in his other knee. From this illness he resurfaced to become the undisputed Olympique de Lyon star, won the 2018 World Cup with France and arrived in Betis where he became Captain General before landing his plane on the runways of San Pablo airport.

What is the difference so that it costs you to pop up much more now than then? Basically, that When Fakir first broke his knee he was only 22 years old, while now he celebrated 30 years in the middle of the recovery process. In fact, Fakir’s return should have taken place earlier, but the Betis Medical Services announced, and correctly, that the player will suffer from muscle compensation as soon as the training load increases, which will delay his return.

But the thought returned in the run-up to the derby match in which he had minutes. And became He starts against Sparta Prague in the Czech Republic on November 30. He was substituted at half-time, reportedly with a knock to the hip. The diagnosis hides something else , because since then he has not re-entered any call. He was in the official photo, where Pellegrini joked with him: “if you are for the photo, you are playing.”

Poor, during a post on the YouTube channel ‘pides caré’, He talked about overcoming and also about his game to give advice to the hero of the video, the young man he idolizes. About the possibility of returning to the French national team, it was clear: “Peace of mind, the important thing is Betis. It’s not easy to returnThe important thing is to have a good feeling.”

The Frenchman insists on the idea of equivocation, But also of effectiveness in current football: “statistics are always important. Sometimes you look at the person who registers and less and less at passers-by. People stick with the one who scores. We need to be effective in our modern football. The other is nice , but statistics are important. Even if we are from the neighborhood and would like to ‘hurt’ the opponent.”

Faqir also tells how his type of game is evaluated in the Liga: “In Spain I came straight to a first-class team. In France, it costs a little more with players who dodge a lot. They tell you to play more simple. In Spain there is more freedom, there are a lot of technical players. I recommend having fun , football is still a game. We know that if a professional career comes, it will come. When she works in a serious way, she is rewarded.”

About his models, he was honest“I don’t have any idols, I’ve always appreciated some players, but I didn’t have any idols. I liked Ben Arfa, for example, the same profile as mine”” between winning the World Cup and winning the Golden Ball, he chose the latter.

He also talked about his career: “I have no regrets. I did what I wanted to do and the best way I could do it. It’s okay to listen to your surroundings, but sometimes you have to listen to the outside less. Discipline is important at any level, even for personal satisfaction. We have to give everything and trust in God. Then it’s fate. There are no ages””

In Betis, of course, they are still waiting for the one who was their star until the arrival of isko. Patience limits Infinity, but there are also those who believe that if the highest paid football player in the team cannot perform for physical reasons, then it is urgent to find a solution. Bettis put it on the card for the Three Kings that Fakir finally found the right physical tone to perform as expected of him. At the same time, the question of whether the best thinker will appear dressed in white and green again floats in the air.

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