Xavi leaves ‘big game’

Xavi Hearn ermendez has simply an amazing ‘curriculum’ in his duels against heavyweights of this category. Since arriving at Barcelona, a little over two years ago, he has faced Sevilla five times in La Liga, four times with Atletico, athletic and Real Madrid, and three times against Valencia. His tally couldn’t be more impressive when it comes to cashing in his pieces: 17 wins, two draws and two defeats. The latter is against Carlo Ancelotti’s team, the only one that managed to beat Terrassa: 3-1 at the Bernabeu (2022/23) and 1-2 at Montego Oceanic (2023/24). The other team that scratched a point to the belograna, even if it was a draw, was Sevilla (1-1) in the 2021/22 season, in the ambassadors Bijou ocean.

The rest of the’ historical clubs ‘ of La Liga have been systematically overshadowed by Xavi’s Barcelona. In fact, Seville itself, apart from the worthy draw, scored four defeats: 1-0 (2023/24), 3-0 and 0-3 (2022/23) and 1-0 (2021/22). And the balance with Real Madrid is leveled by a draw in the Liga: to the defeats we must add two victories: 2-1 (2022/23) and 0-4 (2021/22). Against Los Blancos, they also won the Super Cup final (3-1), but also lost the last (2-3), while they won the Cup in the first leg in the semifinals (0-1), but a month later they fell in a disastrous way at the Camp Nou (0-4).

The balance against Atletico Di Simeone is undeniable: four matches and four victories for the belograna. The latter lived on Sunday, with a score of 1-0, thanks to Joao F. ochlix’s goal, repeating the score in the previous two – 1-0 and 0-1 (2022/23)-while the first cross between Xavi and Cholo was leveled with a score of 4-2 (2021/22).

Athletic also have a very negative balance in their clashes with Xavi’s Barcelona: 1-0 (2023/24), 0-1, 4-0 (2022/23)and 4-0 (2021/22). A balance very similar to that of Valencia, waiting for the match that will take place in mastala in two weeks. At the moment, The Chi team has been going through the hoop in a systematic way: 1-0, 0-1 (2022/23) and 1-4 (2021/22).

Oddly enough, There are only two teams in the Liga that have resisted Xavi , and they are not exactly considered middleweights: Rayo Vallecano and Granada. Vallecas ‘ team has a devastating balance, with two wins and two draws, while the victorious team has already collected two draws in its clashes against belograna.

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