“You can’t live with dignity for 1545 euros a month”

The minister of Labor, Yolanda de ermaz, granted an interview to Antonio Jarque Irma Ferreras in Al Rojo Vivo on the same day The latest unemployment data has been published. The deputy head of government emphasized that “there are more busy people than ever” in Spain: “everything that has been said about small and medium-sized enterprises or labor reform is not true. This fact is indisputable.”

In this sense, he stressed that” our country is lucky “because usually this month”unemployment rises”. However, he noted that Spain has “Two serious problems”. The first, he said, ” is Structural unemploymentWithout a doubt, although our unemployment rates are much lower than those of this country on average.”The following, as the Sumar leader pointed out, is a problem Housing.

In this line, he claimed that for the first time in 40 years of democracy, they are breaking “out of the logic” of what was customary in the general policies of the Ministry of Labor , which She “improved people’s lives.”.

He also confirmed that in Spain “We have young people in Spain who have known nothing but absolute instability” He has defended that “to be a prosperous country, we must have European salaries”: “the average salary in Spain is 1545 euros per month, and you cannot live with dignity on 1545 euros per month,” he settled.

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