Zimenchez defends that Amnesty is “setting the counter to zero,” but “not setting the memory to zero.”

Pedro Sanchez argues that the amnesty “It is to set the counter to zero , but not to set the memory to zero“. This was stated on Monday by the head of government, who defended it “We all need to learn lessons” What has happened in Catalonia in recent years, in an interview in ‘Cadena SerIn which he referred to First meeting With meetings in Geneva, within the framework of negotiations, he emphasized, deals with already known agreements.

Thus, Sanchez offered that this weekend “will be The first of many other meetings“Inside and outside Spain he stated that “What is written is negotiated, What is published “and”what is known to public opinion”. He defended the meetings pursuing a “noble goal”: to restore” coexistence “and” all those bridges that were broken ” in 2017.

Specifically, he explained that at the Saturday meeting the methodology and The person who will act as an auditor. He noted that the figure will also be present in the negotiation with Esquerra Republicana, Although ” in principle it seems that It will never be the same“. Sanchez also stressed that this is Negotiations “between political parties” He pointed out that the government of guzmarma Aznar – “I emphasize the government,” he stressed-met at that time with the terrorist group ETA in Switzerland.

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